The Technological Institute of Research and Development Sinergia Blockchain, hereinafter Blockchain Sinergia, is a non-profit social organization, under the figure of Association, legally registered in Colombia, protected and governed by Colombian legal norms; likewise, it will be governed and protected by the rules of the countries in which it carries out or develops its activities. In the present terms and conditions, signed between Sinergia Blockchain and the natural or legal person, national or foreign, who accepts them, stating: that they were read in their entirety before being accepted, and that it is their will to avail themselves of them; you accept and agree with the following: - First: You as a Natural or Legal person, wish and are willing to enter as an Honorary Associate of Blockchain Synergy, for this you make a contribution represented in cryptocurrencies accepted by Sinergia Blockchain. The values or amounts contributed are represented at the value of the cryptocurrency, and are accepted by Sinergia Blockchain as a donation. -Second: You make the contribution in cryptocurrencies accepted by Sinergia Blockchain, which are: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), in the future other cryptoactives can be accepted. - Third: The contribution made by you comes from activities that you develop in a licit manner, by making the contribution does not endanger your assets. - Fourth: Before making the contribution, you accept the declaration of prevention against money laundering and financing of terrorism in the registration form. - Fifth: In recognition of the contribution made by you, Sinergia Blockchain accepts you as an honorary associate and gives you a number of SINERGIA tokens, the number of tokens delivered depends on the amount of your contribution in cryptocurrencies. - Sixth: At no time Sinergia Blockchain, promises profits or returns for your contribution, clarifying that the SINERGIA tokens you receive do not represent any kind of shares, investments or securities. - Seventh: At no time Sinergia Blockchain promises or secures present and future values of the SINERGIA tokens. -Eighth: It is your will to join and support the Sinergia Blockchain projects, without any benefit in return, for that reason you register as an Honorary Associate. - Ninth: You are accepted as an Honorary Associate, according to the constitution statutes of Sinergia Blockchain, once you have made your contribution, completed the form and accepted these terms and conditions, to which it is obliged. - Tenth: It is stated and you accept that Sinergia Blockchain, at no time is collecting money, with tricks or promises of investments and returns for a contribution made. - Eleventh: You, as an Honorary Associate, have certain rights and obligations described in these terms and conditions, to which you are bound. - Tenth: Rights of the Honorary Associate, you have the right to receive SINERGIA tokens, according to the amount of your contribution; be informed of all the activities carried out by Sinergia Blockchain, for this purpose the means of networks and web page will be used; receive the title of Honorary Associate of Blockchain Sinergia; Be registered in the honorary associates book of Sinergia Blockchain; can attend the events that Sinergia Blockchain performs; receive personalized information when required; Use the Sinergia Blockchain services; Use the SINERGIA tokens, as an exchange of goods and services, exchange, make transactions with them in the cryptocurrency markets, use them in the media, products and services developed or distributed by Sinergia Blockchain; Visit the offices of Sinergia Blockchain as an honorary associate; All other rights that are developed and published on the website and networks of Sinergia Blockchain during the course of its activities. - Thirteenth: Obligations of the Honorary Associate: Stay informed of the activities of Sinergia Blockchain; update and present the information that Sinergia Blockchain requires;Not be immersed in illicit activities, nor support terrorism; Clarify any concerns related to Sinergia Blockchain directly with support or customer service, and media published on the website and social networks; Comply with the other obligations that are reported on the website or social networks of Sinergia Blockchain. - Fourteenth: By accepting these terms and conditions, and registering for the contribution campaign, you are part of Sinergia Blockchain, as an honorary associate, understanding that Sinergia Blockchain is a Non-Profit Entity, this means that you and the associates Sinergia Blockchain members will not be able to receive profits from the Blockchain activities in the present, or in the future, because they are exclusively for the development and improvement of the activities of the corporate purpose. - Fifteenth: At the moment of contributing or making your contribution or donation, you do not have, nor acquire, any link contractual, labor, and commercial, with Sinergia Blockchain, you are associated with Sinergia Blockchain as an honorary associate, in order to voluntarily support the projects and activities of Sinergia Blockchain, acquiring limiting rights and obligations, already described in these terms and conditions. Sixteenth: You, under the seriousness of an oath, state that, in your country, there are no laws or regulations that prohibit you from making this type of contributions, contributions or donations and be associated with this type of projects such as Sinergia Blockchain. - Tenth Seventh: You declare not to commit Sinergia Blockchain, in illicit activities, regulated and prohibited in your country or in Colombia, in order not to damage the image and the good name of Sinergia Blockchain. - Eighteenth: You are linked to Sinergia Blockchain, under international law and Colombian association law, entering as an honorary associate, for which Blockchain Sinergia, declares: It does not collect money from the public, does not perform pyramidal activities or ponzi systems, does not engage in any multilevel activity, does not act as a bank or financial entity, does not promise, does not provide returns for money contributed, does not generate expectation of financially enriching people, does not accept monies from third parties, that lend to money laundering or financing of terrorism. That the activities of Sinergia Blockchain, are licitas, of social character, investigative, of development and innovation in technology Blockchain, of formation and qualification in the trading and criptotrading, of support to the emprendimiento, to realize trading with own resources of the association, without get money for it; promotes virtual education and training, performs electronic commerce by accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange, accepting the SINERGIA token as a means of exchange, for the products and services offered, among others.- Nineteenth: Freedom of association or right of association is a human right that consists of the faculty of joining and forming groups, associations or organizations with lawful objectives, as well as withdrawing from them. Freedom or the right of association presupposes the free availability of individual members to formally form permanent groups or legal entities aimed at the achievement of specific purposes, under this principle of freedom Blockchain Sinergia, directs all their efforts and is governed by international normative principles as they are: - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: in its article 20 in the following terms: (1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association 2. No one may be forced to belong to an association ) - The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights prepared within the framework of the United Nations Organization contemplates freedom of association in its article 22, although it admits the possibility of restrictions in the same. (Section 1 reads as follows: Everyone has the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to create and form part of labor unions for the protection of their interests). - The European Convention of Human Rights drawn up within the Council of Europe, proclaims in its article 11, together with the right of assembly, and expressly including in its scope the right to organize. (Paragraph 1 says: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association, including the right to found, with others, unions and to join them in the defense of their interests). - The American Convention on Human Rights prepared in the context of the Organization of American States proclaims in its article 16, (Section 1 says: All people have the right to associate freely for ideological, religious, political, economic, labor, social purposes , cultural, sporting or of any other kind) .- The African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights prepared within the framework of the Organization for African Unity proclaims it in its article 10. Its first and second paragraphs read as follows: (1 Every individual shall have the right to free association, provided that he complies with the law 2. In accordance with the obligation of solidarity contemplated in article 29, no one can be forced to form part of an association) .- Among other international standards. - In Colombia this right is expressed in the Political Constitution of 1991, which provides: (ARTICLE 38. The right of free association is guaranteed for the development of the different activities that people perform in society), This constitutional provision is the one that guarantees to Colombians the freedom of association of persons (whether individuals or legal entities, national or foreign) in Colombia. Non-profit legal entities can be associations, foundations and corporations. In the case of Sinergia Blockchain, it is an association, legally constituted in Colombia. - Twentieth: Your personal data will not be used for commercial promotions, or disclosed to third parties, unless they are required by a national or international authority. For any Sinergia Blockchain concern, it has extensive communication channels, web page, email, telephones, chats, social networks, etc., to which you can address. We are proud to have you with us, to associate with us and accept these terms and conditions, do not forget now you are an honorary associate of Sinergia Blockchain. SPECIAL PARAGRAPH: The cost of the membership of SINERGIA COMMUNITY does not constitute any future obligation of profits or income of SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN with the user, this corresponds to the set of services offered within the platform. The value of the membership uses the dollar as a reference unit, but any type of transaction will be made only and exclusively with cryptoactives. We do not handle FIAT money in any case, the value of the dollar is only for reference.

Technological Institute of Research and Development
Sinergia Blockchain
Fusagasugá - Colombia


In compliance with the policy of Prevention and Control of the Risk of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism in the Technological Institute of Research and Development Blockchain Synergy, hereinafter SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, and in accordance with existing Colombian legal regulations. I, a natural or legal person, state that when I register on the Sinchain Blockchain platform, and before making any contribution, donation or contribution, I have accepted and read this statement completely. I declare under the severity of my oath, subject to the sanctions established in the Colombian penal code: • That my resources (or the resources of the legal entity that I represent) come from lawful activities and are linked to the normal course of my / their activities, for which reason they do not come from any type of illegal activity of which they are contemplated in the Colombian Penal Code or any rule that replaces, adds or modifies it. • That I have not carried out transactions or operations related to or destined to the execution of illicit activities defined in the Colombian penal code or in any regulation that substitutes, adds, or modifies or in favor of persons that execute or are related to the execution of said activities. • That the resources destined as a contribution to SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, in order to be accepted as an honorary associate, come from any illegal activities contemplated in the Colombian penal code or any rule that modifies, adds, or replaces it. • That the resources destined as a contribution to SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, in order to be accepted as an honorary associate and while maintaining said quality, will not hire, nor will I have any kind of links with third parties that carry out operations or whose resources come from illicit activities of those contemplated in the Colombian penal code or in any norm that substitutes, adds, or modifies them. • That I and / or the entity that I represent complies with the rules on prevention and control of money laundering and financing of terrorism (LA / FT) that are applicable to it (if applicable), having implemented the policies, procedures and mechanisms prevention and control to the ML / TF that derive from these legal provisions. • That I, neither the entity I represent, nor its shareholders, associates or partners, its legal representatives and members of the board of directors, are on the binding international lists for Colombia in accordance with international law (lists of the United Nations) or in the OFAC lists, SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN being authorized to carry out the verifications that it considers pertinent, as well as to terminate any binding commercial or legal relationship, if it verifies that I or any of the persons of the entity that I represent in those lists. • That it does not exist against me or against the entity that I represent or its shareholders, associates or partners, its legal representatives and its members of the board of directors, investigations or criminal proceedings for intentional crimes, SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN being authorized to carry out the verifications that it considers Relevant in national or international databases or public information, as well as to terminate any binding commercial or legal relationship if it verifies that I or any of the aforementioned persons have investigations or processes, or there is information in said databases, that may expose SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN to a legal risk or that may compromise its reputation. • That in the event that I have knowledge of some of the circumstances described in the two previous points, I promise to inform SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN immediately. • That with the signing of this document, or the registration of the entry form to the contribution campaign and accepting, it is understood that both I and the legal entity I represent, we grant our consent, therefore we authorize SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, to communicate to the national and international authorities, about any or any of the situations described in this document, as well as to provide the competent authorities with all personal, public, private or semi-private information about me or about the legal entity that I represent , they require. • Likewise, for SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN to make the reports to the competent authorities, which it deems appropriate in accordance with its regulations and manuals related to its system of prevention and administration of the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism, exonerating it from all responsibility for such a fact • That all documentation and information provided is truthful and accurate, SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN ​​being authorized to carry out the verifications it considers pertinent and to terminate any link and expelled as an honorary associate, if it verifies, or has knowledge that this is not the case. • I declare and accept that SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, is legally obligated to request the clarifications it deems pertinent in the event that circumstances arise on the basis of which SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN may have reasonable doubts about my operations or the operations of the legal entity which I represent, as well as the origin of our assets, event in which we will provide the clarifications that are of the case. If these are not satisfactory in the opinion of SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, we authorize it to terminate any binding, commercial or legal relationship and expel us as honorary associates. • I declare that all the contributions made by the company I represent in execution of the relationship as an honorary associate in SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN, are made directly and with my own resources and not through third parties or with third party resources. What is described here is my voluntary and firm declaration, accepted and read without any objection.